Quilt Studies Issue 9

Journal of the British Quilt Studies Group

Issue 9, 2008.  Edited by Hazel Mills.

Research papers presented at the annual weekend seminar 2-4 November 2007.

Victorian Peity on Cloth:The Wyatt and Bloomfield Coverlets.  By Margareta Faust.

Fabric or Fabrication? Textile References used by Elizabeth Gaskell in Four Seleceted Novels: Cranford, Mr Harrison's Confessions, North and South and  Wives and Daughters.  By Carolyn Ferguson

Uncovering Hidden Marks on the 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet.  By Bridgit Long.

Cloth and Culture: The Significance of Historic Silk-mix Fabrics from North Wales.  By Dorothy Osler and Deborah Evans.

The Hawick Quilts.  By Linda Lane Thornton.

Quilt Studies Issue 9
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